Get Back On The Water

Clear-Cast Marine is a marine electronics expert located in the beautiful Ozarks.

We are ready to help with all of your fish finder repair needs.

If you have an issue with a broken fish finder, we have a solution.

Clear-Cast has been successful in repairing marine electronics from brands including, but not limited to, Lowrance TM, Garmin TM, Humminbird TM, and Raymarine TM.

Listed are a few of the issues we see with broken fish finders every day:

  • Intermittent Failures and Power Issues

  • Inaccurate Results

  • Back-Lighting Issues or Screen Image Issues

  • Over-Heating

  • Cracked / Broken Screen

    Contact us BEFORE SENDING IN YOUR UNIT to see if we have available components

  • Moisture Intrusion (damage due to exposure to water or moisture)

    If you think it’s damage due to exposure to water, please DO NOT turn on unit as it may cause more damage!

We look forward to getting you back out on the water!