Clear-Cast Marine Terms and Conditions of Service

1 November 2018


1.  Acceptance of Terms

Customer (“you” or “your”) submission of an electronic unit, including, without limitation, fish finders, marine GPS, marine sonar and marine navigation products (“Unit”) to Clear-Cast Marine Electronics, Co. (“Clear-Cast Marine”) confirms your review and acceptance of Clear-Cast Marine’s Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms”). 


2.  Services

Clear-Cast Marine specializes in the repair of electronic devices, especially fish finders and marine GPS devices.  We service and repair complete Units; we do not sell individual components or other hardware for installation in Units. 


Our goal is to deliver a professional and seamless experience for our customers.  Our highly trained team of technicians and engineers utilize industry specific tools, equipment, know-how and resources to diagnose and repair your electronics.  If your Unit has physical damage (e.g., a cracked or broken display), please call us to discuss whether we can help and to obtain a preliminary quote. 


Upon receipt of your Unit, we will review your description of the problem (e.g., power issues, over-heating, moisture intrusion, intermittent failures, inaccurate results, back-lighting, etc.) and complete a bench test on the Unit to diagnose the problem.  Fees are described in Section 3 below.


As you know, electronics are constantly changing and evolving as companies innovate and improve their products.  Consequently, Units (and the components inside a Unit) quickly become obsolete and may not be available.  The short life cycles of electronics may impact our ability to repair non-current, out-of-production Units.  Not all Units can be repaired due to intrinsic physical or design faults, the lack of proprietary knowledge necessary to trouble shoot and pin-point problems, limitations on our ability to test components in a Unit, damage to the Unit (pre-existing or incurred during the diagnostic or repair process) or unavailability of replacement components or hardware. 


3.  Fees

The fees to examine and repair your Unit consist of 1) the shipping and handling fees, 2) the Bench Test Fee and 3) the Repair Fee.  We provide Services for Units in the United States only.  Clear-Cast Marine reserves the right to raise or lower its fees at its sole discretion.  All fees are quoted in United States dollars.


As the Customer, you are responsible for the shipping and handling fees of the Unit to and from Clear-Cast Marine. You may choose the shipping method most convenient for you to send in your Unit. We charge a Twenty Dollar ($20.00) shipping and handling fee per Unit to return your Unit to you via domestic ground delivery. If you request alternative or expedited return shipping service, you will need to pay an additional fee.  Regardless, Customer bears all risk of loss or damage to the Unit while it is in transit to or from Clear-Cast Marine.  The return shipping and handling fee is due on the date of our shipment of the Unit to you, but not later than thirty (30) days following receipt of the Unit by Clear-Cast Marine. 


The Bench Test Fee is Fifty-Five Dollars ($55.00).  The Bench Test Fee is due on the date the Bench Test is completed.  If you elect to have us repair your Unit, the Bench Test Fee will be applied toward the Repair Fee of your Unit; if you elect not to have us repair your Unit either because the cost of the necessary components and related repair is too expensive or because we cannot repair the Unit, we will waive the Bench Test Fee and the $20.00 S&H fee in exchange for your transfer of ownership of the Unit to Clear-Cast Marine.  Otherwise, we will charge you the Bench Test Fee ($55.00) along with the $20.00 S&H fee and then return your Unit to you.


The Repair Fee is based on screen size of Unit. Screens below 7 inches will be Two Hundred, Ninety-Fife Dollars ($295.00) plus return shipping and handling. Screens 7 inches and above will be Three Hundred, Ninety-Five Dollars ($395.00) plus return shipping and handling. Our initial estimate may change due to your instructions regarding the proposed repair of the Unit and components needed to complete the repair.  The Repair Fee is due when we repair the Unit and retest it to confirm the improved functionality of the Unit.  


Customer shall pay all fees as they become due.  Customer may pay all fees via PayPal®, certified check or money order.  We do not accept personal checks.  If Customer fails to pay any of the fees when due, then Customer agrees that the Unit becomes the property of Clear-Cast Marine.





5.  Customer Data

Please ensure that you make and retain a complete copy of all data and other information that may be stored in your Unit before sending the Unit to Clear-Cast Marine.  CLEAR-CAST MARINE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOST OR CORRUPTED DATA CONTAINED ON ANY UNIT HARD DRIVE OR OTHER MEMORY STORAGE DEVICE INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, MEMORY CARDS AND SD CHIPS.


6.  Right to Modify Terms

Clear-Cast Marine reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change or modify the Terms at any time by posting the modified Terms at  You agree to review the Terms periodically following submission of your Unit for any modifications of the Terms and agree to abide by the then current Terms.


7.  Termination

Clear-Cast Marine may terminate its Services to you at any time with immediate effect, with or without cause, upon written notice to you.  Likewise, you may terminate your request for Services at any time with immediate effect, with or without cause, upon written notice to us.  All the provisions of these Terms which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, Sections, 1, 3, 4 and 7.