By specializing in Fish Finder and marine GPS repairs, we have developed a fast and efficient process for fixing your fish finder and getting it back into your hands as quickly as possible. 

Clear-Cast is an electronics repair company located in Springfield, MO and specializes in fish finder and marine GPS repairs.  

Clear-Cast is a division of Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC), an employee owned company with a 35 year history. Our highly experienced team of technicians and engineers are equipped with industry standard tools and resources to ensure a professional and seamless process for our customers.


"Spending $3,000+ on a piece of equipment with no  option other than total replacement has always weighed heavy on the average angler. 

Thank you for providing real technicians, with real results, who really do care. 

David was with me from initial information request all the way through delivery of my repaired unit. DO NOT give up and buy a new piece of equipment before giving the folks at Clear-Cast a chance to repair and save thousands". ~Joe from Arkansas

“Clear-Cast Marine fixed my fish finder/chart-plotter within two days of receiving my unit.  David was great, he kept me informed all the way through the process.  I highly recommend their services.”  ~Jeff from Florida 

A few of the issues we see everyday

Power Issues


Moisture Intrusion

Intermittent Failures

Inaccurate Results


Please note we're NOT repairing Cracked Screens at this time. Stay tuned as this service will be available in the future!


If you're experiencing any of the issues above, fill out the repair request form and start finding the big fish again.



IMPORTANT: Upon Clear-Cast receipt of unit does customer agree to all Terms & Conditions

  • Freight/Shipping: Customer bears all responsibility/liability/freight incurred charges to and from Clear-Cast. This includes damaged/lost packages.

  • Fees:

    • Repair Fee is subject to change due to customer approved components/parts purchase.

    • Bench Fee is waived upon approval of a Clear-Cast representative in return of Customer voiding ownership of the irreparable unit.

    • Shipping/Handling Fee is estimated at $20. Additional charges can be incurred due to product and Customer geographical characteristics.

  • Payment is due at time of repair.

    • Payment via PayPal and Check the only acceptable payment methods.

    • If payment of either the Repair or Bench Fee is NOT received within 30-Days, the Customer is surrendering ownership of their unit.


  • Memory Cards / SD Chips / Memory Back-Up: Clear-Cast is not liable for any lost memory/memory devices. Customer bears all responsibility of not sending any memory tracking devices (Memory Cards/SD Chips/etc.). Customer bears all responsibility of ensuring memory is stored outside the unit.

  • Customer accepts that not all problems can be repaired due to:

    • Limited Intellectual Property to pin-point issues.

    • Testing Capabilities - Sonar/Networking.

    • Damage incurred during the repair process.

    • Component Sourcing including displays, touchscreens, internal components, and external components.